Ever since mankind has existed, it has evolved. Science and technology evolve, but in last years, they do it so fast that society barely gets adapt to continuous changes that allow technological innovations. Everyday, a lot of questions are responded, which immediately give room to other ones.

In CARTIF, we continue searching for answers after more than 20 years. We offer solutions to improve the lives of people around us to leave a little better world than we have found. We carry out projects of great magnitude, we apply innovative technologies, we managed to change the reality around us.

Everything we have around us starts from the same point: someone set out a challenge, a question. We seek the answer. It’s so simple but so complicated. This blog will try to give many answers to the problems that really concern us: climate change, lack of resources, improving production processes, quality life of people around us… The list is long but we have lots of ideas. We trust our search will be as exciting for you as it is for us.